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SMS notification for transaction with payment card

Characteristics of the “SMS info” service

The service “SMS info” gives you the opportunity as a HALKBANK AD, Skopje cardholder to receive SMS text messages for every successful/unsuccessful, transaction performed either through POS, ATM or Internet, in the country or abroad.

The notification includes all your cards, primary, credit and debit cards issued from HALKBANK AD, Skopje.

SMS notification includes: amount, place and date of the following transactions:

  • ATM cash
  • Check balance at ATM
  • Cash withdrawal from cash desk at the branches
  • POS transactions
  • Internet transaction

Service advantages

  • Protection from misuse
    In case of receiving a SMS info text message for a transaction not performed on your behalf or by additional cardholders, immediately block the card at the following number: 02/3296330 (24/7).
  • Protection from multiple performing of POS transactions
  • Check of the transaction amount

How to apply for the service “SMS Info”

For use of the service “SMS Info” it is necessary to fulfill the application for usage of the service by one of the following ways:

  • In one of the branches of HALKBANK AD, Skopje
  • HALKBANK AD, Skopje web page
  • By fax  02/3250952
  • E-mail:

Cost for usage the “SMS Info”

For this service, the bank calculates and collect from your transaction account a monthly commission in amount 50, 00 MKD. The commission is changeable according the Tariff for commissions and services of HALKBANK AD, Skopje. In case of nonsufficient funds of the transaction account the Bank without previous acknowledgment collects the commission from the available funds of the cardholder account. In case of three unpaid monthly commissions the Bank will unilaterally terminate the service usage. 

The service usage is free of charge for the first month from the application

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