Approach towards Sustainability

Given the intermediary role and impact on other industries, banks are extremely important in achieving the goals of sustainable development, i.e. achieving a balanced and sustainable future.

At Halkbank, sustainability is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Sustainability has always been a fundamental principle for the bank and a measure of the company's success and one of the long-term goals for sustainable growth and social welfare. We are aware that the adoption of sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant implications in the long run.

Additionally, we strive to become a more sustainable company by maximizing the positive impact we have on all stakeholders. We add not only financial value to society but also through operations and services that enable our clients to adopt more sustainable business practices and create more sustainable products, technologies and services.

Our sustainability strategy is built on four pillars: successful company and professional excellence, people, environment and community. This strategy guides our ambition and helps us add sustainable value to society.

The success of the company is certainly important not only from the point of view of the shareholders and the employees, but also of the clients and the state as a whole. Successful work provides trust, stability and security that is reflected in both service users and the entire banking and financial system in the country. That is why Halkbank strives to deliver outstanding financial results from year to year, and thus to grow and increase its value. In less than a decade, as the fastest growing bank, Halkbank has managed to become the fourth largest bank in the country and enter the group of systemically important banks.

At the same time, professional excellence is the basis of our work, through the products we create, the way we work and the attitude of our employees. Halkbank as a modern financial institution is one of the leaders in the acceptance and implementation of new technological trends in its operations, providing customers with the fastest, the most modern and the most reliable services. We promote, educate and support the use of alternative channels for banking through various mechanisms. The convenience, affordability, efficiency and speed of use of electronic and mobile platforms are sufficient incentives to target customers and digital banking. It is also a path to achieving one of the goals we should strive for, the "zero waste".

Halkbank also has a policy of customer commitment. And that is recognized, by the customers themselves, and beyond. Probably that is why the renowned magazine Global Finance named Halkbank the Best Bank for work with individuals. Our slogan "People matter" is actually a subliminal message about all business activities and corporate strategy. We will continue with our technological and operational infrastructure development with our human resources through constant modernization and training, making balanced growth focused on efficiency.

Halkbank is a socially responsible company that is committed to improving the conditions in culture and sports, preserving the environment and in general to increase the common good for people. And that is why it selflessly helps in the realization of various projects in these areas. Green practices have a special emphasis in our activities, by supporting companies with environmental projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste reduction and other activities that contribute to nature protection, by supporting ECO projects for the community, including the direct contribution by activities that take place through the HalkEco platform.

Our bank will continue in the future with its activities in the light of common principles and we will be a catalyst for change that will strive to use its power to make the world a better, more sustainable and greener place.

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