Employees matter

Employees matter and their satisfaction matters. The essence and greatest value of Halkbank are our employees. With their contribution towards the development of the bank, they have become a part of the growth itself and share the same vision for creating the best and the most successful bank. They are one of the strongest pillars in the bank's long-term strategy. That is why our priority is to continuously increase their satisfaction in many different ways and by creating various opportunities.

Currently, we have 698 employees, with different qualifications and educational structure, according to the needs of the bank.

As part of our development strategy, we implement numerous activities that stimulate the individual, professional development of employees. We create thematic and targeted trainings, created based on the extensive experience and know-how expertise.

Each new employee takes part in an introductory training from the very beginning, which increases the competence, knowledge and professionalism in relation to the bank's activities and the focus of work.

In order to improve the acquired job qualifications and skills, the employees also have participated in external trainings, conferences, workshops, counseling and seminars with renowned lecturers and educators.

Through trainings, seminars and education, whether internal or external, we stimulate and encourage the professional development of our employees. Additionally, they get the opportunity to discover their other talents and affinities within the banking profession. In that way, we bring their knowledge and professional success to the next level and together we open new perspectives for growth and development of the bank.

We are constantly trying to increase and expand the values that the employees acquire being   involved with the brand of the bank. In addition to the rewarding system, we also provide private health insurance packages, sports activities, etc.

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