With the new Internet banking served by Halkbank bring your bank everywhere and make all the necessary transactions for several minutes.

The bank serves you the most approchable Internet banking on the market enabling to follow and execute almost all the necessary banking needs . In pursuit of offering better quality in service and following modern trends Halkbank offers new internet banking service that provides you with significant advantages. The service provides you almost with all informations that you could get in a branch and all the functionalities can be used in an easy and simple way.



Your banking is now fully available and you can do almost everything from anywhere you want to. With your Halkbank E-Banking account you can now:

  • Check your balance of credit card,transaction account, loan, deposit;
  • Statements
  • Daily transactions
  • Review of your completed transactions in a period
  • All types of payments and Creating of template for payments
  • Make all other things that you make in the branch in a safe way

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How can i apply for E-banking account?

You need to apply through the official website of Halkbank AD on the following link . When your request will be implemented, you will be notified to take your user name, login password and / or certificate for e-banking. Then you have to log on through the official website of Halkbank AD and immediately change the original password (beware, with three unsuccessful login attempts, the application concludes half hour of security reasons)

What is the documentation nedeed?

  1. Application for registration

  2. Banking Agreement

  3. Proof of handover

It is tocken nedeed for E-banking and how much is it?

Certificate is required only if you want to make payments electronically. Tariff for E-banking service you can view on our website .

Where can I find a User Manual for e-banking service?   

All users of e-banking can check detailed guidance for using the application via the Help button.

Smart Cash

Smart Cash

Withdrawing cash from Halkbank’s ATMs without using a card.

Service designed for individuals with active transaction account and debit card which can be used via e-banking and mobile application.

The offered service provides greater flexibility in the use of cash by the e-banking users of the Bank, as well as by their closest or third parties, for which the client decides.

The mobile phone of the e-banking user turns into a cash-generating device or a device for sending cash to other persons, which at the same time do not have to be clients of Halkbank.

By choosing the SMART CESH field via e-banking or mobile application, you generate the 10-digit code which needs to be used on Halkbank's ATM for a period of 12 hours.

Now it’s possible! Cash withdrawal without a card in a very few steps.

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