Changes in tariff

Please be informed that Halkbank AD Skopje has made changes to Payment Services Tariff... 


Announcement regarding working hours

On 31st of January, Halkbank will work according to the following schedule...


Halkbank will pay December retirement pensions on December 30th   

We would like to inform you that Halkbank AD Skopje will pay the December retirement pensions on 30.12.2019 for all pensioners that receive their pensions through Halkbank...


A month of bonus points

In the last month of the year enjoy with Halkbank AD Skopje credit cards and collect bonus points!


First gifts for the most active users of the HalkEco application

Five users who used the application the most and already collected 2000 HalkCoins were awarded with the first electric scooters, and five users with 1500 HalkCoins, bicycles....


HalkBank planted the first 152 trees provided by using the HalkEco application

In the courtyard of the Skopje Gymnasium Zef Lush Marku, 40 seedlings have been planted, and the remaining 112 have been planted in the schoolyards of primary schools across several cities...


HalkEco Mobile Application

With great pleasure we announce that Halkbank is launching new mobile application HalkEco that has a big impact in terms of social responsibility of Halkbank.



In order to provide you with more availability and more efficient service, our new Branch Point Point Park started working on 14.10.2019.


Online Deposit - a new innovative product from HalkBank

A banking product that enables citizens to become a saver of HalkBank with just one click. With this news, the bank is introducing significant digitization of banking services.


Halkbank reduces interest rates on consumer and mortgage loans

Halkbank reduces interest rates and fees for processing credit claims on individual types of consumer, home and mortgage loans in the promotional period until 15.12.2019.


Halkbank continues its partnership with International Film Festival “Brothers Manaki”

The partnership between the International film festival “Manaki Brothers” and Halkbank, which started in 2018, will continue this year as well, marking the 40th jubilee of the festival...



Please be informed that on Sunday  17.02.2019  in the period 01.00 a.m. – 04.00 a.m. some services of the bank will be unavailable.

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