Want to save but you believe that you don’t have enough initial funds, you want a monthly investment or pace that suits you?

Halkbank AD offers a product that will provide a happy future for you and your family.

Open deposit for individuals offers multiple investments during the contract of the deposit. Ideal for those who save every day, as much as you want, when you want.

Save by the easiest and most comfortable way, open a standing order, and the Bank will automatically transfer funds to your savings account.

You can follow your deposit trough E-banking. If you still don't have transactional account visit the nearest Branch of Halkbank Inc Skopje and be a member of our family.

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  • Minimum amount of depositing is 3.000.00 denars/50 euros 
  • Payment of the interest on the maturity day or monthly
  • Term of deposit :12 months 
  • Method of calculation of the interest: compound method 
  • Can be made unlimited additional investment during the period of the contract 
  • Possibility for activation a standing order for additional investment on the deposit 
  • In early termination of the contract the Bank calculates interest with interest rate on demand according to the valid Decision 
  • Partial withdrawal from the open deposit are not allowed

Rates and fees

Rates and fees

MKD   Annual interest rate
12 months   0,60 %

EUR   Annual interest rate
12 months 0,50 %



Which are the documents that I need for opening a term deposit?

Needed document for opening a term deposit is ID card or passport.

Can I withdraw money from the term deposit?

Partial withdrawal of deposit are not allowed.

What is the amount of interest that the Bank will pay for the time deposit?

Link for calculator

Can I make additional payments on the time deposit?

Additional investment to the deposit are allowed.

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